SPICOM Fabric Resistance Bands Heavy Duty Hip Circle Glute Leg Booty Bands Set Non Slip

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  • WORKOUT BANDS: - Resistance bands is made of soft polyester, latex and rubber. It’s elastic and durable enough for legs and butt workout, can help you solve the problem of the body shape, shape a beautiful figure, and relieve the pressure and fatigue effectively.
  • PERFECT Body: - These elastic non-slip booty weights are made for the exercise of your body. With these booty bands, your glute, thigh and leg muscles are stimulated and strengthened more efficiently during your exercises! The best resistance bands for hips, glutes and legs, as these resistance hip bands could help you squat correctly to get sculpted and well-toned hips.
  • DURABLE AND NON-SLIP DESIGN: - Made of premium polyester fabric & latex, resistance bands are durable and Strong. Non-slip design make them do not roll up or down while you are doing exercises. Fabric surface will also protect your skin.
  • IDEAL FOR VARIOUS WORKOUTS:- You can do a lot of exercises with these elastic fitness training rubber bands for Pilates, Squats, Lunges, Glute Bridge, back and forth walking exercises, Crossfit, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Strength training. These elastic bands exercise your glutes, thighs, legs, squats, side walks, glutes, abs and shape your perfect curvy butt. Use 10-25 minutes of training a day, you will feel better.
  • ANYWHERE CAN USE - Our resistance bands allows you to do exercise anywhere, such as at home, gym, office, hotel, beach and travel, etc.


  • Premium Exercise Resistance Bands designed to provide a superior self-resistance method of exercise in order to effectively build muscle mass.
  • Our bands are made of soft, 100% breathable fabric material with an elastic lining for grip to ensure the bands don't move during training.
  • Suitable for both men and women of all ages.
  • Each Band has different thickness and provides a different level of resistance; enabling you to effectively tailor your exercise routine depending on your strength, ability, and comfort.
  • Versatile and adaptable exercise tool, a resistance band can be used for a variety of purposes including strength training, improving general fitness, aiding with mobility, and recovering from injury.
  • Perform Different Workout Exercises:
    Squats: (Place the band above the knees)
    Glute bridges / raises: (Place the band placed above the knees)
    Glute kickbacks: (Place just above ankle)
    Crab / Lateral walks: (Place the band above the knee or above ankle)
    Hip thrust: (Place the band above knee)
    Also effective for shoulder, arm, wrist, rotator cuff, and calf exercises


  • Resistance Band Width: 3 inches (7.62cm)
  • Resistance Band Length:
    Pink - Light to moderate resistance band - 17 inches (43.2cm)
    Grey - Moderate resistance band - 15 inches (38cm)
    Black - Heavy resistance band - 13 inches (33cm)
    Material: Polyester, Latex (Two thin latex lines on the inner side of band for grip).

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