“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is beautiful of all?”

"Mirror- “I am the most beautiful and flexible one.”

How? Well, there are different forms of makeup mirrors available. To know more about it, keep scrolling.  

Whether you realise it or not, the mirror plays a psychological and emotional role in human life. Before leaving home, generally, people have the habit of taking a quick glance at themselves for a confidence boost. There are different types and sizes of mirrors available in the market, and today we will talk about some.  

In its simplest form, the wall-mounted makeup mirror is simply a makeup mirror which can be used after it has been placed on the wall. As the name suggests, this mirror is attached to the wall to get a perfect view. 

You deserve to look good, and it is hard to feel that confidence without the right tool i.e. the right makeup mirror. It is very easy to pull it out and see your face very closely. There are different types of makeup mirrors; depending on the subjects and their use, you can choose one that suits your needs. There is no denying the importance of having the right makeup mirror, as sometimes it is needed to create the picture-perfect wing, strip eyelashes, special evening makeup and whatnot.    

 There are Four Types of Wall-mounted Makeup Mirrors:-

We have jotted down some of its types to help you in your skincare routine and choose the right mirror. 

  1. Magnifying Mirror:- This mirror works by zooming in or enlarging an image to see it more clearly for a perfect view because this mirror has different types, or you can install it in a number of places, but if you want to look better, then we recommend you to choose one with two sides for more viewing versatility.
  2. Vanity Mirror:- This mirror provides a clear and better view. In this you can check your appearance like: to style your hair and apply cosmetics, because it helps you to create your look better. Also, this is perfect for home, bathroom mirrors and dressing rooms.  
  3. Hand Mirror: It has different angles, making it very easy to use in the bathroom and vanity. Hand mirrors come in different sizes, as you can use them anywhere for a quick glance, but the best one is that they can show your entire face without any problem.

There are two types of hand mirrors:-

  1. Mini-hand Mirror:- This hand mirror you can easily carry anywhere. You can pursue it wherever you want to travel and easily check it in your travel bag.   
  2. Hand Mirror:- There are various options for hand mirrors, but the best one is what you find easier, i.e., easy to use, easy to fold and easy to store.
  3. 4. Pocket mirror A pocket mirror is a mirror which is very easy to use, install, and re-position and has a round makeup mirror. This helps you make your eye-makeup perfect and is also suitable for handheld mirrors.  

What Things Should We Keep in Mind While Shopping for a Vanity Mirror?

Many things need to keep in mind while buying a makeup mirror; the following are just some common ones:

  • Size and shapes

It entirely depends on what you choose for your makeup mirror based on your preferences. Size and shapes are important factors to consider while buying a mirror. Wall-mounted mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes; some are square and rectangular. 

  • Power Source

The power source is not probably the same because it has a different level of attention, but somehow it is no less important. Basically, there are two types of power sources: Direct electrical connection and Replaceable batteries and Rechargeable batteries. Based on availability and preference, you can choose the right one. 

  • Adjustability

Who doesn’t like flexible mirrors, right? Mirrors can be either fixed or adjusted. Fixed ones cannot be moved to a preferred angle, while adjusted ones are free from such restriction. The adjusted mirrors can be moved backwards and forwards, and also you can choose your preferred angle. Wall-mounted mirrors are a lot easier than fixed mirrors. What is your favourite one?                                                                                                  


We hope that with the above information, shopping for the right type of mirror has become easy. Have you heard about Spicom? It is one of the best online destinations for amazing makeup mirrors available in different shapes and sizes. Go and check it out today.