Toilet Squatty Step

If you wish pooping were easier, especially for people with constipation. The constant wait to get it done, long hours in the bathroom is really a problem. The pooping position not only affects the pooping activity but also bowel movement. The bowel  movement plays a vital role in keeping and supporting good health. What to do about it? First of all, it is important to understand that your posture on the toilet throne makes all the difference. Why don’t you try Squatty Potty Toilet Stool as it eases your problem and improves bowel movement.

Even science has proven the advantages of squatting for better bowel movement. The problem with the sitting toilet is that it does not promote bowel movement.   

How does the squatty potty toilet stool work?

You might be surprised to read of the common problems that can be caused by sitting on your toilet. Following are some common ones:

  • Creates optimal angel

The squatty potty toilet stool increases your rectal canal angle and when the angle gets increased, it opens the rectum. It helps to release the poop. With the help of a squatty potty toilet stool, gravity does more work. The torso creates pressure against the thighs which compress the colon. Further it relaxes muscles and allows anorectal angle to straighten and allow the bowel to empty. Along with constipation it play important role for person suffering from colon cancer, pelvic prolapse, irritable bowel syndrome, and many more       

  • We were design for squat not sit

It is believed that humans were designed to squat on the toilet instead of sit. Bowel movement is very complex but the squatting stool helps in bowel movement. But however there is no scientific proof that sit is unnatural for us, but scientists suggest that squatty proves beneficial to many people, plus it does no harm to anybody.

  •  Boost bowel movement

The small study claims that it requires less effort to empty the bowel when you are squatting as compared to sitting. If you are straining then the squatting tool may help you. It reduces the strain on the human body.  

Why Use a Squatting Potty Tool?

The idea of the squatty tool is to raise the feet and change the angle of the pelvic floor which helps to relax abdominal muscles and make it easier for the stool to pass. There are different squatty potty tool available in the market. 

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