Black Coat Hangers Strong Plastic Non-Slip Adult Clothes with Suit Trouser Bar and Lips (20)

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  • Adult black coat hanger with trouser bar and lips for hanging lighter clothes and garments such as Tshirts, shirts, blouses, suit, coat, sweaters, dresses, short pants, skirts etc.
  • Made of high-quality material. Reinforced plastic to prevent breakage and last long. They work well with lighter materials or fabric, like cotton shirts and tees. There will be no breakage, but plastic will bend if very heavy clothing is hanged.
  • The strong ultra-slim thin design is perfect for space saving and The non-slip hanger Ideal for hanging clothes including coats, trousers, suits, skirts etc
  • Our hangers bend easily and are flexible therefore is extremely hard to snap, makes it strong enough to hold up to a good amount of weight without breaking down.
  • Very smooth, made of good material plastic that do not have any sharp edges to causes unwanted creases or leave marks in the shoulders of your clothes. Therefore, perfect for delicate garments

  • Strong plastic
  • durable
  • Light weight
  • space Saving
  • Easy To Clean

Black plastic adult hangers provide Extra Storage space with Slim Design giving maximum quantity to be hung. Our hangers provides Shoulder Notches & a Sturdy Hanging Hook, with Extra Features to hold Coats, Jeans, straps and other accessories.

  • Organizing the closet neatly can be a daunting task, which is where our hangers come into play
  • Ideal for home and shop
  • Elegantly designed to beautify your wardrobe
  • Lightweight and takes minimal closet space
  • Unlike the metal hangers, there are no sharp edges to put unwanted creases or leave marks on the shoulders of your clothes

Sturdy Hanging Hook

Each hanger includes 2 integrated hooks on both sides allow you to securely hang tanks, spaghetti strap tops, and dresses, while also being windproof when hanging clothes to dry outside. They make your closet much more manageable not only does it look nice and neater, but it also means you'll spend less time fighting with tangled hangers when they're all the same height and shape

Space-Saving Design

dress hangers take less space than other hangers, help maximize the space in your wardrobe for a better organized, less cluttered closet.

MAde of storng and durable plastic that will lsat for king ,slim and Sleek design assists in maximizing closet space to hang a Good Number of clothes at a time While Giving a neat and tidy look to it

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